Anonymous Title
CVPR 2019
Diversity-driven exploration strategy for deep reinforcement learning
Z.-W. Hong, T.-Y. Shann, S.-Y. Su, Y.-H. Chang, C.-Y. Lee
NIPS 2018
Virtual-to-real: Learning to control in visual semantic segmentation
Z.-W. Hong, Y.-M. Chen, S.-Y. Su, T.-Y. Shann, Y.-H .Chang, H.-K. Yang, B. Ho, C.-C Tu, Y.-C. Chang, T.-C. Hsiao, H.-W. Hsiao, Si.-P. Lai, C.-Y. Lee
IJCAI 2018
A deep policy inference Q-network for multi-agent systems
S.-Y. Su*, Z.-W. Hong*, Y.-S, Chang*, T.-Y. Shann*, and C.-Y. Lee*
AAMAS 2018
Automatic conversion of pop music into chiptunes for 8-bit pixel art
S.-Y. Su, C.-K. Chiu, L. Su, and Y.-H. Yang